Cleareon Fiber Networks Continues Growth; Establishes New Points of Presence in Digital Realty’s “NYC Trifecta”

Cleareon Fiber Now Available to Customers across Three Digital Realty
Facilities in NYC: 111 8th Avenue, 60 Hudson, 32 Avenue of the Americas

NEW YORK, NY – June 22, 2016 – Cleareon Fiber Networks, a New York City-based provider of dark fiber networks and services, announces it has expanded its network to include Digital Realty’s “NYC Trifecta,” by establishing Points of Presence in Digital Realty’s NYC1, NYC2 and NYC3 data centers. With the newly established PoPs, Cleareon’s high-count fiber network is now accessible to hundreds of additional service providers. These include telecom carriers, cloud service providers, content networks/companies, big data services, financial services and numerous enterprises that are present in the NYC Digital-Realty colocation facilities. 

“Building our fiber network into the ‘NYC Trifecta’ represents a significant milestone for Cleareon Fiber Networks,” comments Cliff Kane, Co-CEO of Cleareon.  “Within Digital-Realty’s NYC colocation facilities resides the most dense concentration of service providers that use fiber and Layer II services of any similar facilities worldwide. Hundreds of potential new customers are now within reach of our network, and existing Cleareon customers can use our fiber to connect between Digital Realty facilities and the other carrier hotels and data centers on the Cleareon network.”

Cleareon’s dense fiber network provides ‘plug-and-play’ access to the largest and deepest ecosystem of digital services and connects New York’s preeminent data centers and carrier hotels, where customers can access hundreds of service providers. Digital Realty’s customers can now leverage Cleareon’s network for services between the NYC data centers, establish peering and partner relationships and reach end users in the greater NYC metropolitan area.

 “We are pleased to welcome Cleareon’s dense fiber network to our NYC2 and NYC3 facilities following the establishment of their first Point of Presence in our NYC1 facility in May,” said Chris Sharp, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Service Innovation at Digital Realty. “While each of our NYC facilities is a valuable asset that can benefit any company, establishing a presence across our entire ‘NYC Trifecta’ presents a tremendous opportunity for colocation and data center services in the New York metropolitan area.”

Additional near term plans are in place to further expand the Cleareon network throughout New York City and across the Hudson and East Rivers into New Jersey, Brooklyn and Queens.   For more information about Cleareon Fiber Networks, visit or email


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