This CEO Roundtable "Fiber & The City: Analyzing the Need for New Metro Dark Fiber Builds In and Around NYC" from TEX NYC 2016 features: Cliff Kane, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Cleareon Fiber Networks; Vincenzo ‘Enzo’ Clemente, President & Chief Executive Officer of Cross River Fiber; and Ray La Chance, President & Chief Executive Officer of ZenFi Networks, and is moderated by Richard Lukaj, Senior Managing Director of Bank Street.

The City is alive with builds these days, and there are multiple providers constructing fiber routes to and from key colo sites and multi-dwelling buildings, across the rivers, and throughout the boroughs, Long Island and Northern New Jersey. But is there enough need to justify all these projects and the corresponding spend? Lukaj sits down with the major dark fiber players in the area to talk details, including the drivers and benefits for these new networks, the challenges within the competitive marketplace and the new opportunities on the horizon.

Watch the video above or here.