Our fast-paced, connectivity-obsessed world isn’t slowing down anytime soon. With WiFi undergoing some of the most rapid changes of any business and consumer technology in recent years, we have come to expect that WiFi will be available (the fast, reliable and secure kind) wherever we go. Some are even calling connectivity as essential as “the air we breathe.” That’s a bit extreme, but you get the idea.

We expect to see significant developments in light of growth driven by new wireless connectivity standards, IoT, and cloud managed WiFi etc.  And in comparison to other technologies, such as LTE, WiFi remains the less expensive option to deploy, provides faster operating speeds and, in many instances, is free to end users.

Let’s first look at what’s happening in major metros like New York. As of January, WiFi and cellphone service are available (for the most part) in all 279 subway stations; a project that is part of a push by Governor Cuomo to connect the millions of New Yorkers, commuters and tourists who rely on subways every day.  Additionally, New York’s ferry system is WiFi capable. With the majority of business travelers carrying three devices – usually a phone, tablet and laptop, being able to connect while commuting is a huge benefit (Read: without connectivity those devices are virtually useless). 

Cisco predicts that by 2020 the number of wireless hotspots will rise to 432 million, CAN wireless providers keep up with the demand? Time will tell.

Cleareon is ready to meet this increasing demand for network capacity, speed and (perhaps most importantly) security. We connect to thousands of large enterprise buildings, carrier hotels, peering facilities and data centers throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut – extending globally through established interconnection agreements. We continue our rapid expansion into nearby enterprise office buildings, where they will also continue to provide in-building wiring, and collocation (hoteling) services for C-RAN, I-DAS, as well as edge applications.