Our own Cliff Kane recently sat down with Telecom Ramblings to discuss what the future holds for Cleareon in the upcoming year and beyond.  As a newer provider in the New York City metro area and with its recent acquisition of Pangaea Networks, Cleareon has made significant strides since the company’s establishment.

Cleareon’s acquisition of Pangaea – which was dubbed as a “very strategic” move - extends Cleareon’s footprint past Manhattan and into New Jersey. With one notable expansion under its belt, many are wondering what else is in store for the company. Cliff Kane, Co-CEO, describes the opportunity of expansion as something that will become probable once specific traffic thresholds are met, further noting that there are areas for a PoP expansion later this year as well.

Also on the agenda for Cleareon is an initiative to tailor solutions specifically for commercial real estate owners. This is a priority for Kane, who recognizes the likelihood of owners needing to invest in wireless and wireline services in order to keep pace with growing connectivity demands.

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