The access market is transitioning, quickly. Access media is evolving to include wireless and extending to reach individual end users. Bandwidth is reaching unprecedented heights and the relationships between customers and providers is becoming bi-directional.

Access is no longer about connecting subscribers to their service providers. It now means access to information and services…from any source…from anywhere…at any time.

Cleareon’s fiber networks extend from our network core through our edge data centers directly to enterprise buildings to deliver robust and fluid layer 1, layer 2 and IP-based managed services. Importantly, this also puts our “hoteling” and data center customers right at the “intelligent edge” and permits direct neutral access and interconnection to a myriad of clouds, content providers, ISPs, social networks, wireline and wireless providers.

Simply put, whether you’re an enterprise customer looking for direct access to content providers or a service provider looking for last-mile access to prime real-estate, with Cleareon, you’ve got access.

Cleareon – Access Redefined

“We aren’t simply providing fiber infrastructure, lit services or interconnection. It’s much more than that. We are charting a new path up and down the telecom services stack to deliver unfettered and complete access for our customers – From the ‘intelligent edge’ to the network core, wireless or wireline, we are addressing the access demands of the future, right now.”  - Cliff Kane, Co-CEO at Cleareon